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The Story of Waste

OUR Schools is gearing up to start a program about the Story of Waste. Where do things come from, and where do they go? Students learn about the product lifecycle through hearing and writing stories, participating in donating goods, and playing a Pond Protector game to clean up a natural ecosystem.


21st Century Programs

For Earth Week 2018, OUR Schools partnered with Education Foundation to provide 21st Century Environmental Literacy grants featuring Green Schools celebrations, community challenges, and educational events to schools in Baltimore, Carroll, and Harford Counties

Environmental STEAM Education

At OUR Schools, we believe that investing in the STEAM and environmental education of our youth is essential to building a clean-energy future where all of our resource needs are fueled by clean production and efficient use.  


We provide environmental STEAM education to elementary and middle schools around Maryland. Through assemblies, in-school activities and classroom residencies, professional development trainings, evening family STEAM nights, and energy saving fundraisers, we have reached over 35,000 students and 70 schools with our message of sustainability.

Now we’re pioneering in-classroom engineering experiences, focused around applications of renewable energy and hydroponic farming.